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Agriculture Rx

Agriculture Rx - Plant Rx Fertilizer - 500mL

Agriculture Rx - Plant Rx Fertilizer - 500mL

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PlantRx is a specialty fertilizer that brings out the best in your plants.  Whether you live in a Condo, Apartment, Townhome, or House, simply shake your bottle of PlantRx, spray the mist on to the stems and leaves of your indoor plants and watch them grow.  From plant enthusiasts to plant dummy, just one application will ensure your plants are as healthy as can be year-round.

How it works:

The spray delivers the bio-available nutrients a plant would normally draw from the soil, via its roots, to the cells on the stems and leaves. With all of the nutriment needs of its cells taken care of by your use of PlantRX, the nourishment taken up via the plant’s roots are now used for growth. 

Easy to use:

On plants taller than 2.5cm/1inch, apply to the stems and leaves when the temperature is cooler than 26 degrees. For best results apply daily, weekly, or at least a minimum of 3 times per growing season/cycle (once at the start, in the middle and 1 week before harvest).  

What it contains:

  • Extract of certified organic worm compost
  • All the beneficial essential elements and amino acids
  • Ph 7.0
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